aka Liv

  • I live in the basement of your house
  • I was born on September 30
  • My occupation is getting on your nerves
  • I am Limited Edition;)



Current Residence

Belfast, Ireland

Favorite Character


Other Wikis

Saints Row, Little Britain, Ducktales

Hello! I'm Liv. Come and talk to me, I won't bite!

Other WikisEdit

I spend the majority of my time on the Saints Row Wiki, where I edit a lot of things 

My Saints Row Wiki Profile

I'm quite an experienced editor, so if you need any help editing, You could speak to me! :-)

So, what's my deal?Edit

If I get any authority Which I'm not expecting I really want to focus on polishing this Wiki to make it perfect, primarily tackling issues like unrealted pictures, quotes, etc. In my opinion, Wikis should be based on Quality not Quantity.

In my first day of joining this Wiki, I had 75+ edits, just from cleaning up articles, adding categories, etc.

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