Unicycle is a member of The Treblemakers. He is seen performing with them in all their competitions, including the Riff-Off in Pitch Perfect. He is portrayed by actor Michael Viruet.


It was a great time on pitch perfect for me. I like aubrey because she's funny.

Aubrey Posen

It was revealed in a deleted scene that Aubrey has been in love with Unicycle for four years, ever since they met at clown camp. Aubrey refused to act on her feelings because of her oath to the Barden Bellas, but the oath may have now been lifted because of Beca's relationship with Jesse. It is unknown whether Unicycle returns the feelings or not.


  • He is seen to be carrying a unicycle during the Let It Whip scene, the riff-off and the semi-finals.
  • He is shown at least three times showing off his six pack.


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