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Treble #4 is a current member of the Treblemakers. He is shown participating and getting along with the Trebles. He does not have a real name in the movie, but is typically referred to as Brian by the actor's real name.


Pitch Perfect

Treble 4 (Brian) has been attending Barden University for an unknown length of time. He seems to be on his last or second to last year before graduation, because he is seen at the new auditions at the end of the film. He is seen as a minor character mostly singing in the background of the Treblemakers, but has no actual dialogue.


As all the Trebles are, he is competitive towards the Barden Bellas. He is also shown smiling as Bumper was teasing the Bellas on the bus to the Semi-Finals. But in general, he seems to be a very nice person.


Brian Silver during the auditions with the Trebles

He is shown with brown wavy hair and brown eyes. He seems to be the tallest out of all the Trebles. He is mostly seen with a smile.


  • The actor, Brian Silver, has a youtube video doing a cover of Anna Kendrick's Cup Song.
  • Brian Silver plays Jasper in Once Upon a Twilight Musical.