Footnotes arrogance

Timothy is the one in the middle

Timothy was The Footnotes new male singer. He got the Footnotes disqualified for still being in high school as the competitors had to be in college.


Timothy was the lead singer for the Footnotes, a group that originally placed second in the semi-finals after performing "Blame It on the Boogie." During his performance, he taunted Beca and the Bellas by giving Beca a snarky look during his own performance, and then dancing in a mocking manner during the Bellas' performance.

Presumably, he came from a well-off family as his house appeared large and fancy, and his mother was seen carrying a totebag with the phrase "My child is an honor student at JFK High School." After seeing his mother's totebag, Benji concluded that he was still in high school and contacted the ICCA to report this, and the Footnotes were subsequently disqualified from attending the ICCA Finals.

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