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A capella out of sock puppets? Genius

–Fat Amy

The Sockappellas are another a cappella group that made it to the ICCA Regionals, as their name suggests they utilize sock puppets while they sing. For this they are ridiculed by Fat Amy and Aubrey thinks they are a laughing "sock", while Beca defends them, saying that, "at least they're different." For their performance they sang "F*ck You" by Lilly Allen. Despite their enthusiasm and unique style they did not qualify for the next round as they were just barely beaten by the Barden Bellas earning them third place, while this was announced they could be seen standing behind the Bellas and while some of the members were proud of their standing the lead singer was obviously not happy in the least. After the regionals they are seen exiting the backstage of the Carolina University Performing Arts Center and viewed the fight between the Trebles and Tonehangers, they did not appear again for the rest of the film.

Known members[]

  • Maya Estephanos - Sockappella #1
  • Brian Mason XIV - Sockappella #2
  • Xavier Joe Wilcher - Sockappella #3
  • Julia Friedman - Sockappella #4
  • Esther Long - Sockappella #5
  • Aakomon Jones - Sockappella #6


  • However, they are also ridiculed, as shown when John Smith remarks during their performance that "it doesn't get better for everyone after high school".
  • Aakomon Jones, the movie's choreographer, appears as one of the Sockappellas.