The BU Harmonics is another mixed-sex a cappella group of Barden University that does not seem to compete in the ICCA (including The High Notes). They did, however, participate once in the Riff-Off where they performed Madonna's song Like a Virgin before being cut off by Aubrey. According to Chloe, they sing Madonna songs. Before the riff-off, they showed an aptitude to sound like a siren. They are also one of the four aca-groups in Barden University. The other three are the Treblemakers, the High Notes and Barden Bellas.

Known members

  • Ben Haist as BU Harmonics #1
  • Rose Davis (Short haired) as BU Harmonics #2
  • Chiara Pittman (Black girl) as BU Harmonics #3
  • Emilia Graves (Redhead) as BU Harmonics #4
  • Emily Rodriguez (Dark haired) as BU Harmonics #5
  • Sawyer Mcleod (Dark haired) as BU Harmonics #6
  • Chase Cooksey as BU Harmonics #7
  • Adam Gilbert as BU Harmonics #8
  • Karen Gonzalez as Bologna Barb

While the closing credits list #4 as "Emma Graves" she is found at IMDb (with photo and birthdate) as "Emilia Graves".


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