Pieter Krämer is the other main antagonist in Pitch Perfect 2 along with Kommissar and the German lieutenant of Das Sound Machine. He is portrayed by Flula Borg.


Pitch Perfect 2

Pieter is first introduced as the Bellas are scouting for their European A Cappella rivals Das Sound Machine performing at a car show. He is seen with Kommissar on thanking the Bellas as they have taken over their world tour. Kommissar then asks Pieter in German what the tiniest creature is, after that, he is seen taunting the Bellas when Chloe says that the Bellas will blow minds by saying "With what, more of Flabby Abby's baby chute?" To which Fat Amy says is not her name, claiming he doesn't know her name, as he guesses with different and somewhat insulting nicknames (such as Obese Denise, Inflexible Tina and Lazy Susan), he is then referring to the Bellas as a hot mess.

He is seen again in the Riff Off with the rest of DSM (Das Sound Machine), The Tonehangers, The Bellas, Treblemakers and the Green Bay Packers. And again at the Worlds and as Beca tries to insult Kommissar, she replies by saying "I'm sorry. I don't speak loser, what did you say?" to which Pieter adds "She actually speaks eight languages, but loser is not one of them." as they head onstage and wow both the crowd and judges with their sassy and flashy mash-up of My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up) and All I Do Is Win. He is then seen merely angered that they had been beaten by the Bellas in The Worlds Competition as he, and the rest of Das Sound Machine walk off.

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