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Luke is a character on the film Pitch Perfect. He is the station manager of Barden University's radio station, WBUJ.


Luke runs and manages WBUJ and runs a radio station called 85.7, Music for the Independent Mind. His accent suggests he was raised in the south of England. He is first seen in the film when Beca goes to him to be an "intern". He tells her that she is not allowed in the booth since she was a Freshman. Jesse later on appears and turns out to be the other intern and Luke tells them to get along, but no sex on the table and that he's been burned before.

Beca later gives him her pendrive for him to check out her music. He tells her that he'll put it in the pile with the rest of them. Later on in the film, Beca hears her music on the radio, and goes to see Luke who put it on, and loved her music.


Luke is very calm. He could also be described as a cool person seeing that he goes to college parties as seen in the deleted scenes. The fact that Luke is quite a strict person is implied in the film knowing that he scolded Jesse for being late and that he warned the interns to abstain from sexual activities in the radio station's desk.

In one deleted scene, it is revealed that Luke played Beca's songs because Jesse had been bugging him to check it out.



Beca works for Luke in the radio station WBUJ as an intern. She seems to be amused by his abs and is also constantly giving him samples of her music.

Luke showing his abs when Jesse told him to lay off the burgers


Jesse first impression to Luke wasn't all that good for the fact that he was late in his first day as an intern. Jesse continues to work in the radio station alongside Beca. He also does small tasks for Luke such as getting his lunch and sometimes competes with him for Beca's attention.


  • He also calls Beca, "Becky", much to Jesse's irritation.