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Kolio is a member of a capella group the Treblemakers, the Barden Bellas' chief rival. He appears in Pitch Perfect as a new recruit.

He is portrayed by David Del Rio.


Pitch Perfect[]

During audition, Kolio is introduced as one of many hopefuls trying out for one of Barden's acapella clubs. Sporting a stylish hat and vest, he dances and beatboxes his way through 16 bars of "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson.

Only Kolio appears alongside Jesse at their initiation into the Treblemakers. Benji had been rejected.

Little is revealed about Kolio or his background during the course of the film, as he is mostly an ancillary character. He is seen performing during the regional and national ICCA competitions. He is the one who points out Fat Amy at a roadstop refilling the Bellas' bus, prompting Bumper to throw a burrito at her. He is also seen in a hot-tub with a bunch of guys when Bumper announces he is leaving the group to sing backup for John Mayer.