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Treble #5, or "Hat" as he has been coined by the insensitive Bumper, is a member of the Barden University Treblemakers. He is quiet and normally the scapegoat for the Treblemakers. Bumper blames everything on him, even when he's completely innocent.


He has attended Barden University for an unknown amount of years, although he is shown at the end of the movie when auditions are taking place so it is certain that he is a year or two from graduation. Throughout the film he, like a majority of the Treblemakers, is mostly a background character with absolutely no lines except for back up lyrics (although he can briefly be heard singing alongside Bumper at the beginning of the film during their opening performance).

Personality and Appearance

Seems to really enjoy his performances with the rest of the Treblemakers and goes through every one of them with a smile on his face. He also appears to be very patient as he never acts out against Bumper who consistently targets him for ridicule and bashing. While he is competitive to fellow acapella groups, he is generally laid back and not too bitter when others surpass his own groups work, although he will follow his leaders, and neglect to congratulate the competition. His nickname, Hat, is obviously due to the fact that he appears to always have a maroon cap positioned backwards on his head every time he is seen, he even has it on while he and rest of his teammates were relaxing in a jacuzzi. He has very handsome features, light skin, a broad, muscular physique, wavy, short, brown hair, and is always seen wearing his group's colors.



He just takes in his insolent leaders orders unquestionably and, ironically, is the one who gets the raw end of the deal. Although he doesn't appear to generally agree with everything Bumper says, as shown during the auditions when he appeared to consider Benji. Later when Bumper left the group completely in the lurch he has no remorse what so ever in replacing the stout git.


  • He is portrayed by actor Wes Lagarde.
  • In the Treble's bus, he was not given a burrito because Bumper said that he has weak bowels.