Hana Mae Lee is an American actress who portrays Lilly Onakuramara.

Hana Mae Lee is definitely one to watch. In addition to being a comedian, an artist, and a fashion designer, Hana Mae will grace the silver screen in her breakout role as 'Lilly' in the highly anticipated feature Pitch Perfect, opposite Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks, out October 5th.

Hana Mae began her career modeling and doing commercials from the age 16. Booking over four dozen national campaigns, she modeled for campaigns such as Jeep, Honda, Verizon, Apple, Sebastian, American Express, and Nokia having shot with the world's top photographers such as Ellen Von Unwerth. On the small screen, Hana Mae began her career as a guest star on CBS' "Mike & Molly," playing Soo-Jin, a high maintenance girlfriend of Abe of Abe's Hot Beef, who hates manual labor yet forced to fill in as a waitress. She also guest starred on the ever popular Comedy Central television series "Workaholics."

Hana Mae began performing stand-up comedy in 2009. Her comedy sets are known to be fierce, avant guard and ballsy. That same year, Hana Mae helped break "get gaysian," a comedy duo. Performing with Matthew John Daly; her good friend and fellow alumni of Baron Brown Studios where they met. Their comedy styling includes stand-up, sketch, impersonations, original characters and singing. An Alumni of Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in fashion design, Hana Mae began her own jewelry line in 2001; Hanamahn ("just one" in Korean). And in 2010 Hana Mae expanded into apparel and outerwear. She says her designs have the intention of "dare to inspire" rather than to the trends that come and go so quickly. The one of a kind pieces have been worn by collectors, musicians, actors and business creatives.

A California native, Hana Mae Lee brings a fresh take on life and what it means to be creative in everything she does. Staying clear away from the adjective, "normal," Hana Mae grew up in Los Angeles loving the intricate details of life. She puts her authentic touch on anything she creates, be it a garment or a character on screen. Hana Mae currently resides in Santa Monica, CA with her bearded dragon named Emmanuel.

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