Catherine Joy "C.J." Perry is an actress/dancer/singer who played two minor characters in Pitch Perfect; A former Bella in the beginning of the movie and a member of The Footnotes, and again as former Bella in Pitch Perfect 2.

Pitch PerfectEdit

In the opening sequence she is one of The Bellas and is visible behind and between Aubrey Posen and Chloe Beale just before the cut to the finale of "Please Don't Stop the Music", and next to Aubrey at the one-two-ah.

Later, with a different hairdo, costume, and makeup, Perry appears toward the rear of The Footnotes, and takes her bow at the far left of the screen.She is last seen briefly laughing at the Bellas from the wings at about 1:13:58 of the film before the frame closes onto the other Footnotes and she disappears behind Fat Amy's head.

Behind the SceneEdit

In the "A Capella Boot Camp" video of the training of Pitch Perfect cast members, Perry appears at about 4:13 referring to the competition between the male and female performers and demonstrating a few dance moves.


A former Florida State University Cowgirls cheerleader, in 2013 Perry began wrestling as a "WWE NXT Diva" under the ring name Lana. A friend of Pitch Perfect co-star Kelley Jakle, Perry is the lead dancer in a music video of Paramore's "Ain't it Fun" Jakle made in 2013 that also features brief appearances by Brittany Snow and Adam DeVine.

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