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Barden University is a university located in Atlanta, Georgia, it is the home of four rival a cappella groups: The Barden Bellas, The Treblemakers, The High Notes and the BU Harmonics.


Barden University was founded in 1907, it houses the college students on the campus, and is complete with a radio station that broadcasts around the school, a café, and an empty dance studio, which is where The Barden Bellas rehearse in.


  • The film was shot at the Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a school that Anna Kendrick wished to attend in real life.
  • Barden University has a quidditch club as seen in the background when Beca and Fat Amy are at the Barden DJ's (Deaf Jews) table.
  • The school's mascot is called the Barden Knight.
  • The university and its "Schnee Performing Arts Center" are presumably named for the film's casting directors, Kerry Barden and Paul Schnee.