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Alice is a minor character in Pitch Perfect and a cameo appearance in its sequel. She is a graduate student and a former leader of the all-female a cappella group, Barden Bellas at Barden University. She is portrayed by actress Kether Donohue.


Pitch Perfect

Alice is a senior college student at Barden University. She is seen at the prologue of the movie. She scolded Chloe for not being on time right before the finals, and that her breath smells like egg, "like all the time". Aubrey tells her something about her father, and Alice rudely asks her if her father ever told her to shut up. She is the rude leader of the Bellas who dislikes both Aubrey and Chloe, and stating that she can't believe how they will hand the Bellas after she (and the seniors) graduated. She is holding the pitch pipe, and is thus the leader. She is the opening solo for their presentation at the Finals. She seems quite talented, but their performance is cut short after Aubrey vomits, to which she is appalled by.

Pitch Perfect 2

She performs at the World Championship with the Bellas. She is seen in the shot where the camera pans across the old Bellas. She is one of only five of the old Bellas holding a microphone.


From what we have seen of Alice, she is rather rude, arrogant and resents Chloe and Aubrey for being the next new leaders of the group. She also seems a bit snobby. You could say she is confident because she had a solo during their performance although, being the leader, she may have given it to herself.



Alice, scathing: Chloe look at you. You're a mess. You're unfocused, you're unreliable... And your breath smells like egg, like all the time. I can't believe the Bellas are being passed on to two slutbags after we graduate. Just don't eff up your solo!

Aubrey, reverent: My dad always said, if you're here to win get the hell out of Kuwait.

Alice: Did your dad ever tell you to shut up?

–Conversation between Alice and Aubrey Posen before the ICCAs.